Saturday, March 11, 2006


Will she or won't she?

Is Irina hungry for more gold?
First, ABC reported that the entire Russian roster of Olympic medalists was pulling out of the World Championships (but without a direct quote from Slutskaya), and then I read that Irina Slutskaya had changed tack, and was going to perform in Calgary after all. Still, she hasn't officially entered the event. I heard somewhere that she disdainfully threw her Olympic bronze medal into a locker backstage after the podium ceremony. That's certainly hideous sportsmanship, but I can also relate to her vast disappointment. I would think that someone like Slutskaya, who was already the comeback kid when she took the world title last year, just won't be able to help herself. I bet she'll be out there breathing down Sasha Cohen's neck, and making damned sure she lands that triple loop this time!

"The trouble with being a good sport--You have to lose to prove it"
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